Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dallas Woman Leaves Child In Car

A dallas woman left her child in the car while she was in the texas workforce center yesterday (the hottest day of the year 107 degrees). The woman (27 yr old Gloria Arellano) was arrested and the child was placed in cps custody. Good! She needs to spend some time in jail. I have 7 kids, and if i cant take them in with me, then i dont go in. You can always reschedule an appointment, you cant reschedule your childs life. People need to wake up and see what they are doing. How could anyone leave their child in a hot car in dallas tx, when we have had 20 straight days over 100 degrees? Just plain ignorant! Atleast the poor kid didnt die, we see way too much of that now days. But the sad part is that now this child will have to grow up in foster care. That can be one of the worst things to happen to a child. But then again, its better than dying. Watch the news clip video