Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Google home business kit scam

Have you ever got one of those spam emails with a fake newspaper looking ad, stating that you can get rich posting links for google? TOTAL SCAM! And thats exactly what this article is about. But before i get started i would like to explain something, See I am actually re-writing this article, since someone cried about my last post. Before now, I had actually quoted a few comments (and gave credit) from another forum that not too many people even read. The reason was to let people see what others are saying about this huge scam. But the person who was crying claimed that i cannot write my own content, even though my comments in that forum were the best, and obviously way better than his, undisputed. But anyways, this is my blog and i had to get that off my chest lol.

Now, on to the real subject "Google home business kit scam" Many people fall victim to this scam, and frankly i dont understand why. If you fall victim to a scam, you can not blame the scammers because it is your own ignorance that enabled you to be scammed. But thats not such a bad thing, since the defination of ignorance is lack of knowledge. This is very different from stupidity. Basically you lack the knowledge of how serious these scams actually are. Because the product may only cost $3.00 (or so you think) but it goes way deeper than that. Anyways i have posted below a few scam safety tips.

1: Always thoroughly read the terms and conditions. If there is no terms and conditions, there is a reason. watch carefully for hidden fees (alot of times it will be 50 or more dollars per month!)

2: Take screenshots of everything, the terms and conditions, and even the pitch page where they quote the price. This way, if they change after your purchase, you can prove them to be a scam.

3: GOOGLE IT! If the site or promotion is about "free movies" I would type the following in google: "free movies scam" Most likely if it is a scam, someone has already posted it somewhere. trust me, this will save you alot of money and heartache.

4: Heres my favorite! If it appears to be ligit, dont let your gaurd down. Go to walmart, and load $20 on a walmart pre-paid credit card, and use that to purchase it. If they do try to hit you for more later, they wont be able to, Plus it will help you find out whos a scam and who's not, because you can see transactions online (even failed transactions)

Folow these steps and you will save alot of money. I never get scammed and its because of the knowledge I have. So now im spreading this knowledge to everyone who reads this. Thanks for reading my blog, and please check back for updates.

Dallas Woman Leaves Child In Car

A dallas woman left her child in the car while she was in the texas workforce center yesterday (the hottest day of the year 107 degrees). The woman (27 yr old Gloria Arellano) was arrested and the child was placed in cps custody. Good! She needs to spend some time in jail. I have 7 kids, and if i cant take them in with me, then i dont go in. You can always reschedule an appointment, you cant reschedule your childs life. People need to wake up and see what they are doing. How could anyone leave their child in a hot car in dallas tx, when we have had 20 straight days over 100 degrees? Just plain ignorant! Atleast the poor kid didnt die, we see way too much of that now days. But the sad part is that now this child will have to grow up in foster care. That can be one of the worst things to happen to a child. But then again, its better than dying. Watch the news clip video